The element has no special meaning at all. e) Clean Easy Coding: HTML5 is easy to code and is less restrictive than XHTML4. Semantic web pages have tags that are used appropriately to their correct meaning. With these tags, browsers and developers can translate important elements of your content and prioritize accordingly. Semantic Web Pages. html5 semantic tags understanding html5 semantic tags. The Practical Value Of Semantic HTML,” Bruce Lawson My own article, linking to details of how WatchOS uses HTML5 and microdata. HTML5 now addresses this very issue. For example, HTML5 has redefined the meaning of the and tags to be semantic. Some tags convey semantic information (ie meaning). The new semantic tags were added because the old HTML4 standard basically assumed that each page was a single entity about a single topic. Semantic Tags before and after – HTML5 Google and Opera analysed the frequent use of non-semantic elements to create new semantic tags. HTML 5HTML5 Introduction HTML5 Tags Semantic Elements Audio & Video HTML5 Browser Support HTML5 Migration; ... Semantic Elements in HTML5 . HTML5 Semantic tags 1. Archived. This will make it a lot easier for search engines and screen readers to navigate our pages. Let us begin with understanding of Semantics. When the