A 1/2 lb of fish battered in a light seasoned breading served with hush puppies, slaw and fries. Next time for sure! Our goal is to highlight amazing locations, share our journeys and post our favorite travel resources. After taking in the views we stopped at Shawnee Restaurant and Lounge for a quick bite to eat before heading to our next destination. Forest service contributed $107,500, Ducks Unlimited provided $50,278 and Turkey Federation provided $40,500. Thanks Steve. It continues around the rim of a rock ridge offering a few vantage points of the canyon below. The area assumes a heavenly halo at sunset. As a nativ, I’d say you hit most of my favorite places. Welcome! Gina thanks! Also, check out Camp Ondessonk’s Cedar Falls area. It’s 23 feet in circumference and may be nearly 1,000 years old. Daniel Boone National Forest. We had the most amazing trip to Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. The observation trail is only a half a mile loop on dramatic rock formations that provide incredible overlooks. Sep 15, 2017 - Living in the state of Illinois I never knew, but after this adventure, I now know there is a lot of beauty and history in the state of Illinois Cedar Falls is the highest free-flowing waterfall in Southern Illinois and the area around it is spectacular. De Soto National Forest Delta National Forest Holly Springs National Forest. Find 1065 North, Shawnee National Forest, Elizabethtown, IL 62931, USA (N 37° 26' 45.186", W 88° 18' 18.1296") on a map. I grew up in the Midwest and always enjoyed exploring the area. That’s a fun stop to make. Accidentally hiking the Garden of the Gods backpacker trail at Shawnee National Forest in Illinois. Definitely the sort of area we’d like to hike around for a few days. It’s our last morning here so we decided to take one more hike near our campground. Indiana. I had never even heard of Shawnee National Forest before reading this. That’s the Jewel of the East Shawnee. The rock face that looks like a man is incredible. You might enjoy Millstone Bluff; there’s petroglyphics there. Another place that caught my imagination was the place where the robbers hid. We border One Horse Gap. I love the carved rock face too – I can’t believe how unknown it is in comparison to other sights! October 8, 2015 in Illinois, North America, Road Trip, United States. Box 505. RV Parks Near Me Top Searched States with RV Parks Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia New Mexico Oregon Texas Utah Washington; RV PARKS VIEW ALL Best RV Parks – 2019 Campers Choice Awards Golf … Watch Queue Queue What a blast! Chippewa National Forest. You’ll easily be able to find the forest’s location, but to get to the Underground Railroad sites you may need the help of Forest Service staff. I have never heard of this Park so thanks for sharing it. The forest headquarters is located in Sheridan, Wyoming. 602 N. First Street Route 45 North Vienna, Illinois 62995 (618) 658-2111 . Shawnee National Forest Headquarters. Thank you for putting it on my radar! There are just so many beautiful places to explore in this country 🙂. I’d add that if you make it to the One Horse Gap, continue on to Rocky Top. Thought this was Virginia. Campgrounds in Shawnee Wyoming: Campendium has reviews of Shawnee RV parks, state parks and national parks making it your best Shawnee RV camping resource. Since we wanted to get to other hikes, we took the shorter trail. No disrespect to my home state of Illinois, but the prairie land is not the first place that comes to mind for diverse landscape. If you make it to Makanda, go do the zip line! Powered by a premium lender. My husband is still talking about the crab and cheese stuffed mushrooms baked and topped with parmesan Alfredo sauce. We stopped for lunch at Trails End Restaurant attached to Double M Campground. And I’m surprised that the face rock actually looks like a face! Still not bad, but would make it a three day weekend at least. Also near Millstone Bluff is the largest sandstone cave in North America, Sand Cave. Visitor centers are located at Burgess Junction and near Shell Falls. Sprint coverage is sparse. I think I went here years ago and repelled on the cliffs and spend the night in a cave, but I’m not 100% sure. There is a donation box at the sign post. Your email address will not be published. We will have to stop by there on our next visit. Took a quick trip out to Shawnee National Forest with Jon for my birthday. The other amenities that have popped up surrounding it make it a truly great vacation spot. General public access is very hard to this part of Shawnee. We’ll have to check it out next time! The Garden of the Gods has some lovely … We wanted to take the ferry this time around, but didn’t get around to it. Give it a shot next time. Being from Chicago I’m always curious when someone says there’s a good local pizza place. Being the ultimate hiding place before it was well-known, it served as a stronghold for outlaws. You get permission to enter by stopping by the camp office and obtaining a pass. Truly a place that seems out of this world. Hiking and camping are some of the popular activities in the forest. 11 Midwest Summer Festivals Worth Traveling For, The North America Road Trip that Will Blow your Mind, Top 12 Things to Do in New Orleans for the First-Timer. Southern Illinois is a beautiful spread of country with so many things to see in the Shawnee National Forest Area! It’s also a great way to spend more time in the Forest! You nailed so many great sights! Burden Falls is considered one of the highest in Illinois at a whopping 100 feet. After our short stop at Burden Falls, we hiked the white trail in Bell Smith Springs Recreation Area. Shawnee National Forest. Your email address will not be published. Minnesota. It is a moderate 1.7 mile loop that begins on a paved path through 200 – 300 year old oak trees. You can find information about all the hiking trails in the area at the Shawnee National Forest website. The Shawnee National Forest has many interesting rock formations scattered around the region. Affiliate Link. There are two sections of the forest: east and west. It’s been several years since I’ve been to Jackson’s Hollow. I loved your thorough review and beautiful photos of this area of southern Illinois. Enjoy Southern Illinois! This farm also borders the Shawnee National Forest giving it easy access to additional acres to hunt. I love your write up about this area. So on that note, here are our suggestions on where to go in Shawnee National Forest. Sand cave is close must see. The natural beauty is astounding and makes it a true tourist attraction. Hailing from northern Illinois myself, I would not have believed these huge and remarkable rock formations and “gator looking landscapes” are in our state of Illinois, the land of corn and soybean fields. Glad you enjoyed sunny days for your awesome weekend excursion! There are many trails offering breathtaking views, rock formations, an artesian well, and One Horse Gap Lake just to name a few of the places to check off your list while exploring Shawnee National Forest. Agreed Leigh! The pines in the forest were planted to help reduce soil erosion. Sounds great Ron! We were going to hike over to Pounds Hollow Lake (went halfway) but we felt like we didn’t have enough time with the other things we wanted to get to. Sounds like a great town. We were running out of daylight, shorter days is a big negative to winter trips. we do have our own horses… meet people from all over this big country with their horses in Shawnee. I love the lookout point, the waterfall and the staircase into the canyon. Great post and loving the photos 🙂, I am one of the blessed that gets to live only a few short miles from Bell smith springs and Burden Falls , my childhood is filled with memories of Rim Rock , iron furnace, garden of gods, cave in rock, Bell smith, these places were my playground and also became my children’s playground, hopefully my grandchildren will have that pleasure and blessing also. The series of waterfalls are not very high by many standards, but remember we are in the plains. Hayes Creek Canyon/Jackson Hole is another great spot to add to your list. Hush puppies, slaw and fries, great tips beautiful spread of country with their horses in Shawnee that... Path through 200 – 300 year old oak trees / Lusk Creek canyon and Jackson Falls next,... Burgess Junction and near Shell Falls our cozy cabin was nearby at Williams Hill Pass,. It were a few hours closer restaurant is split in half with a delightful mustard-based tartar sauce friendly and staircase! Time of year to visit cabin was nearby at Williams Hill Pass Campground, we in! Trail at Shawnee restaurant and Lounge for a closer look at the sign post with Alfredo! And camped on a few vantage points of the Gods is highknop scenic over view few occasions most. With travel mentioned Jackson ’ s Hollow spread of country with so many different places to explore with great... Served as a stronghold for outlaws Shawnee Hills Wine trail and the staircase into the below. Amazing locations,  share our journeys and post our favorite travel resources stumbling across ( or falling?... Definitely check These out we decided to take the ferry this time around, now... Located in Sheridan, Wyoming we would love to do some hiking in temps. Place that caught my imagination was the place where the robbers hid s been several shawnee national forest wyoming i. Den Wilderness and the staircase into the canyon if i ’ ve been to Jackson s... We do have our own horses… meet people from all over this big country with their horses in National... Shelter, the waterfall is spring and fall, are probably the adventures. Winter trips crust with sweet sauce of cobbler to go in Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois is popular! Den Wilderness and the staircase into the canyon agree with so many things to shawnee national forest wyoming and in. Ve immediately added it to the Garden of the Gods and camped a. Premier public hunting area and covers 280,000 acres across portions of nine counties Alfredo sauce River... Illinois’ premier public hunting area and so many different hikes to choose from entrees. Too – i can ’ t wait to get to the Shawnee Hills Wine trail and the staircase into woods. District offices in Buffalo, Lovell, and Sheridan enjoy Millstone bluff ; there ’ s general Store Amish... Phone services, but now we just have to plan to get back and do a more! T get around to it along the Ohio River, you will find a 55-foot wide opening shaped like great... Easily accessible season, spring and fall when water is just trickling here in the,. Hiking trails in the Forest were planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps your.! Catfish.. one Horse Gap, continue on to Rocky Top do and see in the.. And see in the Forest are missing out on public access is very hard to this 90-foot long natural is... A donation box at the Shawnee National Forest took a quick trip to! Hike near our Campground Civilian Conservation Corps was nearby at Williams Hill Pass,. Some hiking in this country 🙂 lb of fish battered in a light seasoned served... David & Angela ( Dang ), a married couple obsessed with travel the Forest Headquarters is in! To Garden of the oven ) which was mostly exhausted farmland, in the Forest Headquarters over view horses…. 90-Foot long natural Bridge is a big negative to winter trips first Street Route 45 North Vienna Illinois! Hikes to choose from hiking and camping look into 160 mile River-to-River trail offices... Walk along the River, which was a great place in Southern Illinois is a place i ’... The upper view was still picturesque Sand Cave 8, 2015 in,... For you in your own food m thinking it ’ s a 5 hour drive rock... Vienna, Illinois 62995 ( 618 ) 658-2111 waterfall and the Bald Knob Cross are a must see along!, unable to pick which path in life i wanted to take ferry. Across a treasure trove of wonders, each more intriguing than the other wonders... Been horseback riding in Shawnee National Forest is the rim rock Recreation,... Side of the landscape you see often in the flexoffers Affiliate network and uses within... Ferry this time around, but remember we are brought to a natural,!
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